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Mike's Books

Mike Richman has authored two Redskin history books, the Washington Redskins Football Vault and The Redskins Encyclopedia, that are a must on any bookshelf.  These comprehensive works are the result of years and years of Mike's extensive and detailed research into his beloved Redskins.  Organized chronologically, the books begin with the birth of the team in 1932 as the "Boston Braves," transition to its move to the nation's capital in 1937 and continue tracking the history and lore of one of the most storied NFL franchises.  Both books are special in their own way.  In addition to its compelling written account of the Redskins, color photos and glossy pages, the Vault contains a unique treasure trove of Redskins memorabilia that one can touch and examine, including game program covers, ticket stubs, press passes and player contracts.  Ever think you'd see a letter from the U.S. attorney general to Redskins Hall of Fame quarterback Sonny Jurgensen?  Check out the Redskins Vault.  The 432-page Redskins Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive journalistic account of the Redskins ever compiled!  It features a season-by-season overview of the team, bios of the greatest players and coaches in team history, entertaining anecdotes and an incredible appendix that includes historical data such as team records, coaches, game results, draft picks and the all-time player roster.  If you love the Redskins or are just seeking a gift, you are going to love these books!

All books are personalized for free by the author!

My last copy of the Washington Redskins Football Vault has been sold.  The book is out of print, but I hope to update it in the near future with the spectacular RGIII highlighting the pages as he leads to Redskins to championships!  To those of you who have a copy of the Vault, the most unique book ever compiled on the Redskins, you now own a collector's item.  I still have plenty of copies of The Redskins Encyclopedia, the most comprehensive journalistic account of Redskins history.  Just go to this page to make a purchase: http://www.redskinshistorian.com/redskins-encyclopedia. Thanks to everyone for your staunch support.  HTTR!


The Redskins Encyclopedia

“Hail to the Redskins” and Redskin-mania have consumed the nation’s capital since 1937, the Redskins’ first year in Washington. The fervor is much stronger today.


Washington Redskins Football Vault

No other sports team in Washington, D.C., inspires as much love and devotion as the Redskins, those gridiron warriors in burgundy and gold.



"This book packs a punch just as strong as a hit by a middle linebacker!"

-Sam Huff (Redskins Hall of Fame MLB & long-time radio analyst) on THE REDSKINS ENCYCLOPEDIA

"This book recaptures … the team’s eight-decade history, and the replicas of memorabilia from the different eras are amazing."

-Sonny Jurgensen (Redskins Hall of Fame QB & long-time radio analyst) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

“You don’t have to be a Washington Redskins fan to appreciate and enjoy the Washington Redskins Football Vault. Mike Richman has taken the story of one of sport’s most historically rich franchises and chronicles it in a way that is as interesting and colorful as the team itself. Actual replicas of one-of-kind team-related artifacts sprinkled throughout provide an entertaining touch to an already fact-filled book.”

-Joe Horrigan (NFL Historian-Pro Football Hall of Fame) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

“Serious collectors of NFL memorabilia and paper ephemera will want to add this book to their collection. It’s full of fascinating sidelights and tidbits, never before seen photos and enlightening anecdotes.”

-Steve Sabol (President-NFL Films) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

“The book arrived in the mail this morning and all I can say is WOW, what a fantastic job you have done. I have a shelf full of Redskins books, but this one goes to the front. One of the things that blows me away is the way in which you have colorized the black and white pictures. Great job, Mike, and thanks for all your good work. I look forward to your next project.”

-Jack Hilliard (from Greensboro, NC) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

“This is the best book on the Redskins franchise I have ever had the pleasure to read. This book contains the most interesting memorabilia I have ever seen. My personal favorite is the copy of the actual letter addressed to Joe Theismann from Jack Kent Cooke about his retirement due to injury. It made me want to cry.”

-Leah Devine (of Crownsville, MD) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

“I am super impressed and congratulate you on producing a wonderful piece of work. I can say I particularly find all of the inserts fascinating. I love the old- style Redskins pennant hidden in the pages, fabulous. I’m calling the Vault my MVP – Most Valuable Publication.”

-Phil Koschak (The “Antipodean” Redskins fan of Melbourne, Australia) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

“I got the vault as a birthday present last week, Mike - WOW. Incredible, incredible job.”

-SuperSkin Defender (of FedExField) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

“I love the football vault...just got it for Christmas..i love the old tickets and letters inside..great historical facts! great job!"

-Mark Flaherty (of Leonardtown, MD) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

“Mr. Richman, I just purchased (the Washington Redskins Football Vault) and must say that I really enjoyed it. That is a must have book for any Redskin fan. I love both of your books.”

-Jeffrey Pickle (of Marbury, MD) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

“For Redskins fans, this book is a treasure-trove of stories, facts, anecdotes and quotes. It’s as detailed as a Joe Gibbs game plan, as far-reaching as a Jurgensen to Taylor post pattern, and as enjoyable as a victory over the Cowboys!”

-Steve Sabol (President-NFL Films) on THE REDSKINS ENCYCLOPEDIA

“The Redskins Encyclopedia is an information bonanza that makes you want to keep reading. Redskins fans are special, and they deserve a book like this.”

-Dexter Manley (Legendary Redskins DE, 1981-1989) on THE REDSKINS ENCYCLOPEDIA

“You can’t become a part of the Redskins’ future if you don’t understand the team’s great history and tradition. The Redskins Encyclopedia details the history of one of the NFL’s greatest franchises and allows you to become a part of its future."

-Jon Jansen (Former Redskins OT, 1999-2008) on THE REDSKINS ENCYCLOPEDIA

“The Redskins Encyclopedia is the definitive history of a football team that to Washington is a sports way of life. To this time, nothing has been done on the subject to compare with this book. It is a `can’t-miss’ winner.”

-Steve Gilmartin (Redskins radio voice, 1964-1973) on THE REDSKINS ENCYCLOPEDIA

"I just wanted you to know we just got back from a long trip and got a chance to really look through one of the books -- the Redskins Vault -- and we can't put it down.  This was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but my husband can not wait that long.  He wants to read them both cover to cover as soon as he can. Oh well, guess I better find something else to surprise him with!  The books are amazing and we LOVE the T - Shirt.  I am going to send Larry Michael an email and hope he reads it on the air for everyone to buy these books for their Redskins fans!  They will be more than happy they did!  Thanks so much for making such a great read for us Redskins Fans!"

-Kimi Herndon (of Glen Allen, VA) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

“We got the book yesterday! Thank you, thank you! My husband is very excited to put it in his "Redskins/man room." We are stationed in Utah, Eddie is in the Air Force. Hail to the Redskins from Utah!”

-Samantha Lewis (of Hill Air Force Base, Utah) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

"I just would like to let you know how much I really love the Redskins Vault. It is the very best skins book that I've ever seen.  I just got it.  I also have your Redskins Encyclopedia, and it is good, too.  But the Vault is off the charts.  I had to let you know how happy I am with it.  One of the things that I love about it most is that you wrote about Sean Taylor's death. I can't wait until an update comes out to see how you write about our new franchise QB, RG3.  So thank you so much for helping me remember the good, the bad and the great! :) SKINS FOR LIFE!"

-Larnell Carr Sr. (of Washington, D.C.) on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS FOOTBALL VAULT

I just wanted to let you know that I received the package today in the mail.  The book was beautifully packaged. I love everything you included with it.  Thank you so much! And I really appreciate you personalizing it to my husband.  He will really love and treasure it!

The Redskins Encyclopedia is going to make an awesome coffee table book for us. It is very well put together.  I love all the information in it and cannot wait to read it.  But what I truly can't wait for is the look on my husband's face when he opens this on Christmas morning.

Thank you for helping to make this Christmas special for us.  I really appreciate it.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Hail to the Redskins!

- Amy Dunham (of Staunton, VA) on The Redskins Encyclopedia

I wanted to let you know that I received the book and T-shirt package today. It is everything that I hoped it would be and more...THANK YOU! I look forward to reading the Vault and it will definitely be one of the highlight pieces of my Redskins collection. As a lifelong fan and former Redskins team intern in 2008, this book is truly special. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your future appearances on Redskins Nation. Happy Holidays to you and your family! HTTR!

-Bryan Couch (of Sterling, VA) on the Washington Redskins Football Vault