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LaVar Arrington Honored as 1 of the 80 Greatest Redskins

Mike Richman interviews former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington at FedExField on Nov. 4, 2012.  That day, Arrington was honored as one of the "10 for 80," the 10 new names added to the Redskins' all-time greatest list, which consists of 80 players and front office personnel.  Arrington, a three-time All-Pro and menacing figure during his days in D.C. from 2000-05, describes how is in awe being in the company that weekend of such Redskin luminaries as Mark Rypien.  He also speaks with pride about his role as a prominent host and commentator on D.C. sports station WJFK (106.7).  The interview aired on Mike's TV show, "Burgundy & Gold Magazine."  Check it out!

If you're unable to watch the interview on this page, click here to watch it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_s6ZfUURIc

Redskins Historian Mike Richman interviews former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington, 1 of the 80 Greatest Redskins