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Former Redskins center Jeff Bostic, an original "Hog"

Former Redskins center Jeff Bostic, an original

In this episode of "Burgundy & Gold Flashback," Jeff Bostic, one of the greatest centers in Redskins history, shares his thoughts with host Mike Richman on the 2014 Redskins with the season just kicking off.  He talks about the hiring of rookie NFL coach Jay Gruden and compares him to Joe Gibbs, the Redskins' legend whose first season as an NFL head coach was in 1981, Bostic's second season in D.C.  He also discusses the Redskins' apparent offensive explosiveness (i.e., new speedy WR DeSean Jackson) in relation to the need for continuity on the O-line just like that which existed during his playing days in D.C. with the "Hogs."  Bostic, a charter member of the "Hogs," also elaborates on his appearance on a new TV commercial for pizza chain Papa John's and his 14-year career as a Redskin (1980-1993).

This interview also aired on the Redskins' web site on Sept. 11, 2014 at http://www.redskins.com/media-gallery/audio/Burgundy--Gold-Flashback-201...