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Redskins HOF linebacker Chris Hanburger (1965-78)

EXCERPT: Chris Hanburger acted like a loner. He was very moody around the clubhouse and preferred not to socialize with teammates, and he barely uttered a word to reporters, often saying “no comment.” But Hanburger was more sociable on the field, where he went out of his way to greet ball carriers – however unceremoniously. A featherweight of a linebacker who sometimes played at only 200 pounds, he specialized in brutalizing foes with vicious clothesline tackles. Instead of hitting ball carriers below the waste textbook-style, the intimidator regularly tackled high, driving his powerful forearms into players to knock them off their feet. He took no mercy, hence his nicknames “The Hammer” and “The Hangman.”

Read the entire article about Hanburger in the attached document.