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Redskins-Bengals/WR Roy Jefferson/Best Redskin Rookie QBs

In his weekly appearance on Redskins Nation during the 2012 season, Mike Richman discusses moments in Redskins history in relation to the upcoming game against the Bengals. Mike and Redskins Nation host Larry Michael, the “Voice of the Redskins,” agree that not a lot of history exists between the Redskins and Bengals. So they talk about the news that former Redskins WR Roy Jefferson is part of the "10 for 80," or the 10 new names added to the Redskins' 80 Greatest list in 2012, as well as the best Redskins rookie QBs over the years in addition to RG3. Check it out!

If you can't access the interview on this page, click here to watch it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0svXDpCEgpg