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Mike's Redskins Articles

Redskins Official Media Redskins Official Media

Mike Richman has long written for official Redskins media outlets, including the team's web site (Redskins.com) and its GAMEDAY and NFL INSIDER magazines.  Nearly all of his articles have been on Redskins history, namely profiles on former players and reviews of momentous occasions (good and bad), rivalries and trends, as well as entertaining vignettes that most Redskins fans are unaware of. 

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The Washington Post The Washington Post

Mike Richman has contributed to The Washington Post, one of the premier newspapers in the United States, with articles on Redskins history, American history and high school sports.  His most popular article in the Post was an opinion piece in which he boldly described the Redskins' 2009 season as their worst year in a half-century.  Mike supported his argument by coupling the team's m

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Investors Business Daily Investor's Business Daily

Mike Richman is a regular contributor to the widely respected national newspaper Investor's Business Daily.  Most of his articles have appeared in IBD's unique section called "Leaders and Success," which features inventors, entertainers, authors, athletes, military officers and other renowed people who do extraordinary things.  These are not biographical articles.  Instead, they offer

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Professional Football Researchers Association Professional Football Researchers Association

Many of Mike Richman's articles on former Redskins have appeared in "The Coffin Corner," published by the Pro Football Researchers Association (PFRA). Mike is a long-time member of PFRA, which has presented him with an award for feature writing. PFRA is a premier organization for preserving the history and documenting the growth of what is now the most popular sport in the United States.

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Mike's Other Articles Mike's Other Articles

Mike Richman is a widely respected journalist, writer and reporter, and he has shared his skills and knowledge with a wide variety of media outlets over the years on a cross-section of topics, everything from Y2K to the imprisonment of a U.S. Marine in World War II. "Mike's Other Articles" is a collection of work that he has contributed to magazines, newspapers and other media outlets.

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Mike's Interviews & Book Reviews Mike's Interviews & Book Reviews

Mike Richman has been interviewed by a host of media outlets (broadcast, print and web) about his knowledge of Redskins history, contemporary Redskins news and his books, the Washington Redskins Football Vault and The Redskins Encyclopedia, which have been reviewed by a series of media sources.  He's often contacted for interviews when a development needs to be put in proper

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